Himalayan Salt Candle Holders - Set of 3 Smooth Design & 2 bags of Bath Salts

Gifts of Natura

$34.99 $35.00

Set of 3 Smooth design salt candle holders!  Hand-carved  straight from the Himalayas!  Marvel at the soothing relaxing glow when it's light up!  Uses standard T-lite candles

This package includes:

- ONE DARK ORANGE color with two LIGHTER COLOR candle holders

- 2 bags of 100% Pure Himalayan Coarse White Bath Salt (250 grams each)

Dimensions: Each candle holder is 3.25 inches in length and 3.25 inches high

Net Weight:  Candle Holder 650-750 grams each

Shipping weight:  5.39 lbs (2450 grams)