Genuine Gemstones Web Bracelets with Magnetic Hematite - Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Picture Jasper, Pearl, Rhodonite, Turquoise, Unakite or Black Onyx

Gifts of Natura


Beautiful hand strung genuine gemstone chips bracelet with magnetic hematite and other accents.  Fashionable and good for circulation!

One size fits all

Rose Quartz:  Love

Carnelian: Courage, Vitality, Confidence, Action

Picture Jasper:  Writer's or Artist's Block, Stress

Unakite:  "Stone of Vision"

Black Onyx:  Inner Strength, Focused Attention, Discipline

Turquoise:  Wholeness, Communication, and Spiritual Expansion

Pearl:  Wisdom, Contentment

Rhodonite:  Discovering & Developing Hidden Talents, Compassion, Generosity

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