Faceted Moldavite Heart Pendant set in 925 Solid Sterling Silver

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$78.00 $88.00

Faceted Moldavite Heart Pendant

Tektite:  Moldavite

Metal:  925 Sterling Silver

Origin:  Czech Republic

BONUS:  FREE 18" Silver Plated Chain is included!

Please note the crystal(s) in the picture are for display purposes only.  They are not included in the sale.

Pendant Dimension:  1.75 " Long x 0.5" Wide (45 mm x 10 mm) approximately

Pendant Weight:  0.1 oz (1 g)

Moldavites arose actually by melting of the rocks during a meteor impact more than 15 milion years ago. It is classed scientifically as a tektite. Moldavite has been prized by humans for over 25 000 years. The name moldavite was deduced from the river Moldau in Czech Republic.

In esoteric circles, Moldavite is thought to help disspell distressing thoughts, and to free the wearer from negative experiences that tend to bind the person to the past. This gemstone is also believed to be able to harmonize the aspects of one's spirtual body and their rational concentration, allowing them to be more prespetive to others and their place in the world. Moldavites are popular stones used to increase energy.