Crystal User's Handbook by Judy Hall

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Crystal User's Handbook:  An Illustrated Guide by Judy Hall

Would you like to strike a spark in your love life? Attract wealth, or get that new job? By harnessing the unique energy of crystals, you can change your circumstances and achieve all that your heart desires. Ancient peoples believed they were gifts from the gods and their magical properties--attraction, healing, protection, enhancement, future predictions--have been recognized in almost every culture. Now let these decorative, potent treasures of the earth work for you. From ritual and revelation to renewed health and relaxation, you'll come to know and appreciate the many ways these stones can enrich your life. A Crystal Directory of up-close, intensely colorful photos shows off each crystal's unique qualities in splendorous detail. Whether tapping into the healing powers of amethyst or the casting a love spell with rose quartz, you'll become adept at manipulating them to access their awesome power.